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Do not buy a gun yet ...!

Looking to be involved in a sport that can be either a hobby or competitive? join Byley Field Target Club.

If you are interested in trying out an air gun before you buy, Byley FTC
offers a loan service of an air rifle including pellets to complete the course for £15.

Byley FTC has 5 air rifles you can hire for the day.
These are all Airarms rifles, fitted with scopes.

Pellets used are in 177 calibre, as this is the best calibre for field target shooting.
If you enjoy it and decide to buy a pre charged air rifle or already have an air rifle that is pre charged,
we also offer refills at £1.00, as the purchase of a bottle is expensive.

Help and advice is always at hand at the club when on the course.
Contact the club secretary from the contacts page for details and any further information.

These are some the things you will need if you are thinking of joining the sport:-

1. You will need an airgun,
the choice of gun is entirely up to you.
Spring gun or precharged, as long as it is under 12 ft 1bs, for 177 or 22.
You will also need a scope.
This will all come down to your buget.....!

2. You will need pellets, again the make is up to you.
Find a pellet you are happy with and stick with it until you find a good reason to change.
You will need something to put your pellets in, this stops you spilling them everywere.

Don't go mad and pay silly money for your pellet pouch, you can buy one for around £3.00.
You can also buy one for £18.95 plus p+p. Why....?


3. You will need a gun cushion, this sort of cushion should cost you around £25 to £30.
As long as it is comfortable and keeps your bum dry then it works.

4. You will also need a bottle gauge and hose (with the right connector) to fill your gun with from your bottle.

5. If you are using a precharged gun you will need a bottle. The club has a bottle you can use, for £1.00 gun a refill.

While you are setting up save your money and spend it on the gun or scope. the more you spend on them the better.

6. Clothing, as long as you are comfortable, and it keeps you dry then that will do.


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